Week 2: Fabulously Feminine

Written by Ann Burns

February 5, 2023

When the Villains are Beautiful

Welcome to Week Two! 


“Motherhood then becomes a kind of priesthood. She brings God to man by preparing the flesh in which the soul will be implanted; she brings man to God in offering the child back again to the Creator….she is nature’s constant challenge to death, the bearer of cosmic plentitude, the herald of eternal realities, God’s great cooperator.”

— Fulton Sheen 


This week we are honing in on the word “creative.”  For women, in their ultimate maternal calling, possess a creative nature as co-worker to the Divine.  What does this mean?  


I think the best place to understand a woman’s creative nature is to understand the three tenets of femininity: virgin, bride and mother.  These three roles, which our Lady perfectly possessed, exemplify the qualities of femininity — her receptivity, generosity, sensitivity, and maternity. But it is in the virginal role that we first see a woman’s desire to create or bring about things that are good. 


I once read that when God created women, He left them with a memory of Eden. They come into this world with an understanding of what is true, pure, and beautiful.  It is here where a woman’s virginal and holy desires begin: a longing to be cherished, guarded, as well as a desire to cherish and guard the things that are good. It is for this reason — in our virginal role —  that women are drawn to beauty.  


We are looking for things whole, pure, and that remind us of a vanished world because in that memory we see a faint imprint of Heaven. It is through beauty that we long for fulfillment, love, and wholeness. 


We are born into this world as seekers of beauty. 


This longing transcends the realm of the material — the chaos of progress— because it taps into the eternal. 


I think this is why we love receiving bouquets and filling our homes with arrangements.


Flower arrangements, in their short lives, have little to do with progress but everything to do with beauty.  They remind us that sometimes we need to push against the loud waves of worldly advancements, and just revel in the good.  


Sometimes we need to slow down and be fruitful, not simply busy. 


  • How do you pause and make time for beauty?
  • How would you describe your creative side?  
  • Do you enjoy art, fashion, gardening, turning chaos into order, crafting, cooking, baking?
  • How would you describe a holy search for beauty as opposed to a vain search for glamor? 



Password: C^Q78v!s




Spiritual Component




Heavenly Father, I pray that You would remove any areas in my life that hinder me from being fruitful in Your service. Thank You, that You have given me everything that is needful for godly living and a fruitful life.


I praise and thank You for the engrafted divine nature that I received when I was born from above, which enables me to escape the corruption of this world system and empowers me to overcome the desires of the flesh.


Deliver me from the many daily temptations and keep me I pray, from being swayed by the deceit of the enemy who masquerades as an angel-of-light, and yet is a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.


Search my heart for any hidden sin that may hinder my spiritual growth, and discover in me any areas that need to be cut away at the root, which are preventing me from living a truly fruitful life. And I pray that You would finish the good work that You started in me, so that I may be fruitful in Your service, to Your praise and glory. This I ask in Jesus’ name,



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