Three Ways to Nourish Your Needs and Cultivate Peace

Written by Ann Burns

January 16, 2022

Three Ways to Nourish Your Needs and Cultivate Peace

“To think is excellent
To pray is better
To love is everything.”
Elisabeth Lesseur

Our intellect is a beautiful gift from God; the ability to think and reason should be cherished and well attended to.

What are you doing to tend to your mental well being?
Do you challenge yourself?
Are you careful about what you consume (books, TV, social media, etc)
What thoughts most occupy your mind? Are they helping you become the woman you want to be or keeping you from growth?

But sometimes we run the risk of thinking that’s everything, when really it’s just the beginning.

When we embrace God into our lives, our hearts, prayer takes us to a place intelligence can not. Through this, we come to a closer union with God and can be transformed by His Divine Love.

How is your prayer life?
Do you have a routine, or is it sporadic?
How often do you carve out time just to meditate on the fact that you are in the presence of God?

When we fully surrender to God in love, our entire life is transformed into a prayer, it reaches a place that is difficult to attain. Prayer takes us to total abandonment to God, where we become His vessel filled with pure love.

Is there anything rivaling my love for God? (Money, work, hobbies, family, friends, dreams, etc.)
Do I ask God to help me be more aware of His love, so that I might better come to love Him?
Do I frequent the sacraments?

“ . . . yesterday morning I received communion with the same peace and the same abandonment to God. I felt Jesus truly living in me . . .” – Elisabeth Lesseur

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