September Members: Reclaiming Order Week One

Written by Ann Burns

September 1, 2023

When the Villains are Beautiful

Welcome to the first week of September! It’s time to build holy habits. 


First, what is a rule of life?


Our English word rule is derived from the Latin regula, meaning “a straight piece of wood,” “a ruler,” and, by extension, “a pattern, model, or example.” Esther de Waal, a longtime student of monastic spirituality, writes that “regula, a feminine noun, carries gentle connotations: a signpost, a railing, something that gives me support as I move forward in my search for God.” A rule of life, then, serves as a gentle guide that keeps you trained toward God

— Sacred Ordinary Days


It’s important to note that a rule of life is different from resolutions/goals.  Those things are task oriented; I will accomplish x. A rule of life goes much deeper.  It’s focused on being. It’s all about who you are and who you are becoming.  It’s an aid to fortify you on your path to sanctity. 


Step 1: Reevaluating my priorities


It’s time to be radically honest with yourself.  In this list, rank your priorities (eliminate any that don’t apply):


House/Cleaning, Children, Spouse, God, Friends, You, Outside Activities/Work 


REMEMBER: don’t rank them in order of what you think you should say, but base your ranking off of your every-day life.  


What are you prioritizing? Take this question to prayer. Maybe ask your spouse or a good friend/family member.  What do they see you prioritizing?  



Your #1 Priority needs to be God. Before everything, God first. 


#2:  Your second priority needs to be YOU. Yup! Before your spouse, before your children, your work, etc., you need to prioritize YOUR needs. You cannot pour from an empty cup. You cannot give what you do not have. 


#3 NOW your husband. That’s right, not the children. You’re hubby.  You married him, and your vocation is your path — your marriage — is your path to sanctity. 


#4 The children … Children are priority number 4. If your prayer life, your own well-being, and your marriage are out of order, your children will suffer.  


#5 House 


#6 Friendships


#7 outside activities/work/providing 


Step 2: This week we are focusing on rebuilding priority #1. 


Where can you carve out time to make room for God?


Things to try: 


Set up a prayer corner in your home.  A place that is set aside for God and has all of your prayer needs (books, rosary, spiritual reading, journal, holy images, etc) at hand. Now, consider your day, can you start your day off with a few minutes at your prayer corner?


Maybe get up a little earlier, so that you can have time to begin your day with God. 


Where can you factor in going to mass and confession throughout the month? 

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