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What You Get by Joining

Monthly Virtual Events

Every Month we host virtual events.

We host retreats, Bible Studies, classes, socials, discussions, live events, and more. 


Online Book Club

We host a quarterly Book Club to cultivate our minds and grow in womanhood. 

Some Cool Challenges

Need someone to hold you accountable or help you on the journey to become the woman you were created to be! Look no further, TFP embraces challenges and healthy friendships so that we can discover the more we were created for. 

Private Social Group

Are you on Facebook?  So are we! We have a super secret group that you get to join.  This is another awesome way to meet women who share the similar ideals as you. 

We Care About You!

We host a quarterly call for all members to discuss the issues their facing and TFP can best support and encourage them. 

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“The woman’s soul is fashioned as a shelter in which other souls may unfold.” – St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

What Does a Coordinator Do?

As a coordinator for The Feminine Project, you host meetings and events for TFP in your home town!  You will receive The Feminine Project Curriculum, so you have an easy guide to follow as you build up the community. Every month you’ll have a scheduled call with Ann to go over your plans, vision, and get any help/support needed. 

What is the difference between a membership and free updates?

A membership gives you access to all our events, the updates keep you in the loop with essays and TFP going-ons.

What is the Goal of TFP’s Community?

Reclaiming the joy of womanhood and healing the heart of society! 

What Does the Online Membership Give Me Access to?

So much! All of our virtual events are member-only events.  You will also have the option to receive private access to your own TFP FB group, as well as quarterly calls, and more.  The online membership allows you to have a say/role in building the Feminine Project community and connect with women all over.  

What Age Group is TFP for?

If you are a woman, this is for you! We try to provide a little something for everyone! 

How Can I Attend an In-Person Event?

Get on our email list for all the necessary updates! If you don’t have a TFP chapter in your area, maybe it’s your time to start one!