Mark Your Calendars

Written by Ann Burns

October 20, 2021

When the Villains are Beautiful

Upcoming Events!


You are cordially invited!



Friday, October 22nd, 7PM EST

The Three Tenets of Femininity: Virgin, Bride, and Mother

The Link and Information will be emailed privately to you!

PART III will take place on November 19th at 7PM EST!


October 23rd, 3:30 PM EST
Women & the Relational: Meeting at Vynecrest Winery 

October 25th, 4:30 PM EST
Calling the young TFP women between the ages of 17 and 25!
Pumpkin Picking fun at Grim’s Orchard!
We will conclude our festivities with cider and a discussion on building The Domestic Church

VA Events!

November 6th
A Chic Swap

A clothing swap and discussion on incorporating beauty in our everyday attire.
For more information contact ann@feminineproject or the VA coordinators

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Preserving Femininity: Navigating the Boundaries of Political Engagement

The words of Father Gabriel chide us away from being overly consumed with the world, as he brings our eyes back to Christ. When we engage with the world around us only to find that our soul’s interior calm has crumbled, perhaps even doubting God’s Providence, it’s crucial that we remove ourselves and seek out our Heavenly Father in silence.

We are on earth first and foremost to serve God, and if the day’s trouble gives us reason to forget that, we must pause.

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4 Tips for Growing in Patience

Patience is the virtue which makes us accept for love of God, generously and peacefully, everything that is displeasing to our nature, without allowing ourselves to be depressed by the sadness which easily comes over us when we meet with disagreeable things.
– Father Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen

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