“I’m Not a Baby-Making-Machine” — A Response to Oct. 2nd

Written by Ann Burns

October 5, 2021


October 2nd, 2021: Feast of the Guardian Angels and month of the Holy Rosary 

October 2nd, 2021: Women rallied forth in D.C. proclaiming things like “mind your own uterus” and “I am not a baby-making machine” in protest of the Texas Abortion Ban.

These women view the ban as a grave injustice.

We find ourselves in an interesting conundrum. Modernity affirms that we need women, but it does so on a condition: we must reject who women are.

God created Eve as Mother of the Living. This title reveals that she is the tabernacle of life, the sustainer of those around her. She is the one who is touched by God when He forms a tiny, little soul within her womb. She is incredible!

Women are called to be mothers of the living; even if we are not physical mothers, we are called to sustain, defend, and cherish life.

“Between woman and life there is a bond which is so deep that one cannot separate the two….Adam is not the father of the living, but Eve is the mother. This is why abortion is such a terrible sin. For the first time in history we think that women and life can be separated” — Alice von Hildebrand

October 2nd, 2021 was a sorrowful day for women. And we need to pray for the healing of all those who marched in hate.  

Accepting abortion and supporting those who support abortion means betraying our calling as mothers of the living.

Back in the 60s, the Sexual Revolution and the Woman’s Movement united over the issues of abortion and contraception. The Sexual Revolution wanted women to be “liberated.” That is, it wanted women to sleep around with whomever, wherever. Casual hookups, flings with married men, women… it didn’t matter. Both movements believed that the potency of new life interfered with a woman’s worldly success. First, it dramatically conflicts with a career, and secondly, it prohibits casual sex by the mere fact that pregnancy, being the natural end of sex, (making a baby is what our body tries to do EVERY month during our fertile years) is a consequence. Abortion and contraception were the foundations for these movements because they removed consequence and responsibility.

Women can use their bodies as they please and annihilate the reverence they are due. And that is why, on October 2nd, 2021, women marched. They saw this “liberty” threatened. 

“Keep your filthy laws off my silky drawers!” So many of their signs were lewd, crass, and angry. Is this the sign of a strong woman?

When we cheapen sex, we also cheapen women. When you take the procreative end out of the sexual union, suddenly, a huge, massive, mind-blowing possibility (NEW life) is erased. There is no more awe and mystery. Nothing astounding is supposed to happen as a fruit of the act. No, instead it’s about taking.

Have you ever stopped to think HOW many more individuals would be alive today if we truly cherished life, treated sex with the reverence it’s due, and believed women had a unique dignity tethered to their maternal calling?

Sex has been severed from what makes it sacred: it’s fruitfulness. Now sex is a popular crass joke, mindless conversation, and something to tune into on TV. Women, who once were sacred vessels, because even if they weren’t mothers, they still held that mystery within them: the potency for bearing life, are easily reduced to sexual objects.

Abortion is murder and destroys the dignity that we owe each other.

Paul VI states in Humanae Vitae:

Another effect that gives cause for alarm is that a man … may forget the reverence due to a woman, and, disregarding her physical and emotional equilibrium, reduce her to being a mere instrument for the satisfaction of his own desires, no longer considering her as his partner whom he should surround with care and affection.

Women, we are MADE for love.

But on October 2nd, the crass, vulgar marches revealed where many truly stand. We’ve forgotten what we are made for.

If we refuse to respect life at its most vulnerable, we will be incapable of respecting ALL of human life —from conception to natural death.  We will be incapable of respecting even our own lives. Because we’ve turned our backs on love.

Women are called to be the defenders of life. And this battle for the dignity of life, the right to life, is a spiritual battle. Christ calls Satan “a murderer from the beginning” in John 8:44, and Satan’s first target was a mother, and his last stand will be when our Bl. Mother crushes his head.

Do not abdicate from your maternal calling. Stand strong and lead with love.

We are called to defend life, and we can only do that by embracing our womanly calling. I believe Alice von Hildebrand explains what happens best when we fail to do so:

“Women lose their self-dignity and their respect for others. We fool around and have ‘fun’ with another human being who, in the end, we often despise. So then we throw ourselves away to another someone. There is no giving – there is only taking and performing. And if we can’t perform satisfactorily, we get dumped for someone else.
All this is tragic, because we are made for love. Every person has an immortal soul. When I walk down the street in this very, very sad and decadent world, and I meet someone that I do not know, I try to make the effort of saying, ‘He or she is made in God’s image. Maybe it is stained, maybe it’s filthy, maybe it is whatever it is, but the image is still there.”

People are not meant to be thrown away. Let’s Cherish Life, and remember that it’s an honor to “make a baby.”


This month is the month of the Holy Rosary. Let us ask Our Heavenly Mother to heal us and help us protect the sanctity of human life.

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