Free to Be Me

Written by Ann Burns

February 9, 2024

When the Villains are Beautiful

Imagine any of one these scenes:

A mom resisting the dawn of her wiser years as she gets another round of botox. 

A teenage boy wondering if somehow God made a mistake with him.

A newly retired father trying to find meaning in life outside the office. 

A young woman fruitlessly looking for validation as she downloads yet another dating app. 

A man returns to the bar for the third time this week in a desperate attempt to find meaning at the bottom of a glass. 


So much of our personal struggles and search for purpose boils down to: 

“Who am I? Why am I here? And am I lovable?”  

People travel the world, spend exorbitant fees, and even change their own bodies in a frenzied attempt to answer these questions. 

And yet, years go by, and more solutions conjure up, yet, we still find society is riddled with unhappy souls clinging to their unsatiated quest to be themselves. 

But who is that?   

If we want to understand who we are, we need to stop looking to the world and stuffing ourselves on each fleeting trend for an answer.  

Instead, we need to orient ourselves back to God, the One who loved us into existence.  

Your identity is rooted in God, the Creator, the One who loved you, knew you, and desired you, even before you were born.  

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.” Jeremiah 1:5

We are a body-soul composite. 

St. John Paul II stated:

“The human person is a unique composite – a unity of spirit and matter, soul and body, fashioned in the image of God and destined to live forever.”

We are made by God and for God. 

Consequently, when we fill ourselves with the temporary and fleeting things of this world, we will always end up feeling terribly unsatiated. 

 “God Set Eternity in the Heart of Mankind”

Ecclesiastes 3:11 presents us with a sobering truth: everything of this world will fade away. 

If we live solely for today—for this world— our lives will be in vain and hearts will ache for more.  

The things of God are eternal, the things of man are fleeting. But it is the Heavenly permanence we crave. As St. Augustine reminds us, “our hearts are restless until they rest in You.” 

Our desire to be truly ourselves is bound to our desire for Heaven.  

The human person—the “self” we long to express and understand— was forged by God for one ultimate purpose: sainthood. God created us to be eternally happy with Him in Heaven.

This means that if we truly want to be ourselves, the holier we must become. We must empty ourselves of this world, and open our hearts to God. 

You were called to be a saint; in order to be truly you, you must shed the things that prevent you from growing virtue.  

True self-expression, or freedom to be “me” is bound to revealing the dignity of our soul through our body, cultivating virtue, and growing closer to God.  

The holier we become the more “ourselves” we become. 

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