Finding Your Soulmate Based off Your Wine Selection

Written by Ann Burns

April 25, 2022

When the Villains are Beautiful

Sometimes it’s good to switch gears to a more lighthearted topic.  And as the weather begins to warm up, and picnic season is just around the corner, it’s time we ask what your wine choice says about your ideal man. ☺️??

Cabernet Sauvignon 

Your soulmate is the classic gentleman. He probably enjoys cigars, orders the finest steak off the menu, and he is not afraid to speak his mind.  He is a scholar and gentleman, a natural leader, and all in all, a class act. Your mother highly approves. 


Cabernet Franc

Just as you can’t get enough of those peppery notes in a good Cab Franc, you want a little spice in your life.  Someone who can surprise you.  He’s got to be classy and cool, but he’s also the fellow who keeps you on your toes.  No trite relationship story here— you want zest.  You want someone classy, but also a little edgy.  A unique sense of humor or quirky sense of style.  He knows how to surprise you and make life an adventure. 


Pinot Noir 

You’d pair well with a chap who is a bit mysterious — someone who can be described as “richly complex,” just like a perfectly aged bottle of Pinot Noir.  He’s cool, collected, but there is just something elusive about him. Cue Mr. Darcy. Yes. We’re talking about a tall, dark handsome stranger. Pinot Noirs are incredibly difficult wines to produce, and you may just like the guy who’s a lot mysterious and a little high maintenance. 



Your ideal pairing is someone solid. Someone you can rely on.  He has a great group of male friends, enjoys grilling on the weekends, and is always ready to greet you with a smile.  He might not be the man who gets all the attention, but he is the underrated and undervalued man.  He’s the man who has it all together and possesses a mellow and easy going disposition— just like your favorite glass of Merlot. 


If you can’t get enough rosé, your pairing is undoubtedly Mr. Popular.  He’s funny and makes you laugh no matter what. He knows how to charm and entertain, and isn’t afraid to be bold and daring.  He’s the guy rocking the pinstripe shorts or ostentatious Hawaiian shirt. He can be sweet, but he’s got some spunk and quick wit well.  


Sauvignon Blanc 

As far as wines go, you’re looking for those fresh, clean notes. Your Mr. Right can most likely be discovered at the gym.  He’s the guy who loves summer days and spends an outrageous time getting fit.  You may want to talk to him about all the gym selfies ?.  He’ll be working out as you go out to brunch with the girls. He’s relaxed, has a big heart, enjoys people, and has a love for sarcasm. He’s ready to pose with you for Christmas card photos and carry you over the threshold. 


Chardonnay  (Oaked)

If you opt for an oaky Chardonnay, you are looking for the older but wiser man.  Someone like Colonel Brandon. The sage— the man who has a great library, traveled a bit more, and is now ready to settle down.  You need someone to compliment and adore your own old soul and delight in your whimsical heart. 


Chardonnay (Steel)

If you avoid oaky chardonnays, but can’t get enough of the more trendy steel-aged ones, your Prince Charming is decidedly someone modern and up-to-date.  You might find your match in an entrepreneur, someone with his own vision and is motivated to go out and transform the world. He probably listens to podcasts and reads Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life every year. 


Drinking Barefoot Wine Out of the Bottle

This might be an indicator that it’s time to wait on dating for a bit. 

Cheers! ?

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