Elevating Your Summer Wardrobe: Top Picks for a Stylish Summer

Written by Ann Burns

June 13, 2022

When the Villains are Beautiful

Summertime is here, and with that, comes summer fashion.  Sometimes, cultivating summer style is overlooked due to the abundance of hyper-casual-wear (t-shirts and cut offs).  But this year is the perfect time to reevaluate your summer ensembles, and incorporate some classic and timeless pieces that you are worthy of wearing. When you shop with the mentality of investment, you end up with better quality items that you will love and cherish throughout years of life. This manner of shopping enables you to shop less, develop your own sense of style, and be more intentional in regards to your wardrobe and budget.  

It’s easy to be seduced by spots like Shein or even Amazon, with their overabundance and low price tags, but frequently these items don’t last long.  Sometimes, they don’t even make it through the season, which only adds to a consumerist mentality.  Instead, let’s elevate our wardrobes with more timeless selections that won’t fall apart after wearing. 

 So, hop in and let’s drive around on the hunt for quality summer selections.  

First stop on our shopping excursion is Boden. 

Boden is the perfect stop if you are looking for incredibly well-made-last-forever, colorful, unique, but classic items. Known for its quiet essential British look, Boden is full of delightful pieces.  In fact, even Kate Middleton sports their clothing. Be sure to check their sizing chart, some of their items may run a little small. 

Here are some of my picks:




There are about twenty more things I would love to add to this list, but instead, I am going to pause and switch gears to their bathing attire. Boden is home to one of my all-time favorite swimsuits (yes, it’s in my closet and is one of the most well-made, flattering suits I own. The coverage on it is great!). 

Favorite swimsuit! 

Alright! Next stop. 

Let’s head off to LOFT and Ann Taylor!

I may be a little biased, since I worked at LOFT for a bit, but I sincerely love their clothing.  They are overflowing with affordable, stylish, and feminine pieces. 

LOFT has a tendency to run a little big, so be sure to read the reviews.  If you’re normally a size 6, you might find that at LOFT you’re a 4. 

 Here are my Loft and Ann Taylor picks:






Before we leave, it’s time to ditch the t-shirts and sweats, and elevate the PJ’s! 

Ooof! That was a lot! Like I said, I may be a little biased, but as a Catholic girl and once-upon-a-time teacher, LOFT and Ann Taylor provided me with the best Mass, work, and playtime outfits! 

Alrighty, time to visit the J. Crew Factory. 

When it comes to finding things that are work appropriate, chic, and fun, J. Crew always has something. Furthermore, the Factory store has fabulous prices, tremendous sales, and doesn’t sacrifice quality. 

 Pick One

I own a few of their linen pants, and love them! When I was teaching, they were my warm-weather go to.  Check these out:

Pick Two

And of course, every outfit is made perfect by the shoes.  These are fun:


Hopefully, you’re not tired out yet!

I know shopping has that effect on some people.  Maybe now is the time for a perfect coffee break.  I could really go for a Cold Brew before we hit up the shop that provides timeless summer dresses: KJP. 

 Here are my picks:



Definitely more traditional items, but I gravitate towards that look. It’s classic and won’t be “out” next year; it’s a look that can be dressed up, taken to a wedding,  worn to a picnic, or around the house.  In short, you really can’t go wrong.  Keeps you looking kempt, and just a solid win. 

But in order to have the elevated summer wardrobe, a good pair of slacks is key. 

So, we are going to swerve into the Banana Republic Factory for some lovely finds. 

BRF and Banana Republic are great options if you’re tall as well.  Just saying! Tall girl over here.

Anyway, here we go:


And nothing like finding the right summer linen blazer as well:

 Ta Da!

Oooh, and while we are here, if you’re in need of a good button down, this is a timeless look with a fun twist:


We’re almost done! We’ll just do a quick drive by here, but if you’re in the market for some adorable Mommy & Me items,

IvyCity Co. has some sweet, sweet dresses available.  

This one is so sweet! 

Wow, I can’t believe out excursion is coming to a close.  It’s time we talk about what is often the most dreaded: swimwear.  A quick trip to any of the popular stores may leave you feeling like chic suits that provide coverage are a thing of the past.  Pursuing Amazon might yield some positive results, but often at the price of not-so-great quality.  

Here are some of my 2022 swimsuit picks, that are outstanding class-acts, well-made, and provide great coverage (let’s make the beach a classy spot, ladies!):





Cheers to a happy day of shopping! What stops would you add?

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