Disgusting Men are Disgusting and Other Valid Feminist Arguments

Written by Ann Burns

October 1, 2021

Disgusting Men are Disgusting And Other Arguments

While feminism has done much to destroy the family and heart of society, there are times it seems like a compelling ideology. And that is because some of its arguments are perfectly valid, and need to be addressed. Here are three important arguments feminists make:

Motherhood Conflicts with Your Career

YES. Motherhood is not some idyllic world where you can do anything. Motherhood demands sacrifice. A lot of women prolong having children because they want their primary baby to be their career.
It’s important to recognize the validity of this argument because it addresses an inconvenient truth: you can’t have your cake and eat it too. A full time career and being a mother will conflict with each other. 
Every choice we make means we are also choosing to say no to something else.
When I ordered a latte this morning, I was saying no to the many other coffee beverages on the menu.  When I vowed myself to my husband, I was saying that I chose to give up my life as a single person and tether it to another.
Each choice means you are saying no to something else. You’re giving up the other experience. That is not a bad thing.
Motherhood is rooted in sacrifice, and trying to pursue a full-time career will come at a high cost. You might think of women who have seemingly accomplished this, but it’s important to remember we don’t see the full story. When you try to devote yourself entirely to two separate lives, you won’t be able to be present for everything.
You won’t be able to give your all.
Yes, we often buy into the mentality that women are great multitaskers, but the truth is, juggling two full-time commitments is going to spread us too thin, and leave something or someone neglected.
The fallacious argument feminists make is that you CAN have it all at once. This is impossible. It has always been impossible.
You need to choose what matters most to you, and sacrifice accordingly.
This doesn’t mean you can’t pursue your dreams, but maybe they’ll look a little different than what you anticipated, and certain things will need to be sacrificed.

Disgusting Men are Disgusting

Men are sexually wired. While feminists want to ignore this fact, they also enjoy complaining about it, and using it to instil misandry. Society refers to men who act on their impulses and give into vice as “toxic”, but in reality they are effeminate (clinging to pleasure) men, and not good men.
Unfortunately, living in a society where both men AND women are taught NOT to sacrifice and temper themselves, effeminacy runs rampant.
There are lots of men who aren’t men, but rather overgrown little boys. And this is where the feminists are right: disgusting men are disgusting.
The other day, I was exiting my hotel room and found myself alone with a hungover-still-drunk man. He eyed me in that creepy-kind-of-way, but I had no place to go. I was trapped. 
So, I smiled and pretended that I had not a care in the world because seriously, he was too pathetic to be threatening. … Right? I hoped so. 
All the same, he opened his mouth and out oozed revolting comments. I felt sick to my stomach, dirty, and cheap, even though I was dressed modestly. When we finally made it to the lobby, I scurried away from him searching for my husband.

With my husband, I felt safe and cherished; he took the dirty feeling away.

Later that day, I was out in the city and another man approached me; he was perfectly sober, “It’s nice to see a woman who knows how to dress beautifully. Your husband is a lucky man.” Was it appropriate to comment? Sure, that’ arguable.  But the point is, not all men are gross. And it was a nice contrast compared to the man in the elevator.

You see,  there are respectful men who admire femininity. There are plent of good men left. True masculinity is not quite dead, and we shouldn’t forget that.  We should support the men in our lives who choose to live out their masculinity.

Yes, there are lots of men who choose to be less than what they are called to be. However, if we only focus on the Peter Pans of the world, we will injure the good men around us. We can’t let the shameful deeds of vicious characters blind us from seeing the good.
Moments like the one in the elevator are disgusting. And I am not advocating to pretend that things like this do not exist. However, the challenge is not to let these moments define the way we view masculinity because it’s not authentic manhood, it’s a sad rejection of masculinity.
True femininity rejoices in true masculinity.

Women Are Held to a Higher Standard

This is the old Anna Karenina versus Don Juan argument. No one would care if Anna Karenina was about Adam Karenina because it would be “typical” male behavior. And if Don Juan was about a lady, well, she’d be a slut.
Many feminists argue it’s considered normal for men to sow their wild oats, but it’s “revolting” for women to do so; as such, it’s unfair that women are held to a much higher standard. This is one of things feminism actively fights against by encouraging women to be “sex-positive.”
But I wonder, is it more offensive that women are held to a higher standard, or that maybe men are held to a lower standard? It seems to me that it’s more offensive that we think less of male virtue than female virtue… but I digress.
Regardless, this is a valid argument because women, when it comes to morality/virtue, have so much more influence. This is why we have sayings like: “Behind every great man is a great woman.”
Women, as the heart of society, dictate its course by stating whether or not they wish to hold to a higher standard or let it go.
In the words of Fulton Sheen: “When a man loves a woman, he has to become worthy of her. The higher her virtue, the more noble her character, the more devoted she is to truth, justice, goodness, the more a man has to aspire to be worthy of her. The history of civilization could actually be written in terms of the level of its women.”
Because women are the heart, we determine how healthy our society is by how resolutely we devote ourselves to our feminine calling.
This is not to say that men aren’t called to virtue, but rather that men fall so much easier once women do. Just think of Adam and Eve.
Many times male-female relationship books seem to place more responsibility on the woman than on the man, which is why plenty of individuals deem books like Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus as sexist.
But the reality is that women are more internally influential and as such, when it comes to those things, we have serious strength and power. That is why it is the heart of society. If we choose to safeguard virtue, men and women end up being stronger altogether. 

The truth:

These are valid arguments, and they make feminism tempting.  Yet, where feminism encourages us to take the easy route: abdicating responsibility, seeking our own glory, and falling into resentment, femininity calls us higher, to something more noble.  How do you choose to respond?

Our femininity and maternal calling are roles of great power and responsibility. It’s up to you if you wish to reject them, or embrace them.

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