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Scarlet Letter Saints: Three Women Who Prove That Nothing is Impossible for God

Sainthood is not for just a few exceptional souls; it is for everyone. God created all of us for Heaven; that means He created YOU to be a SAINT.
However, it’s up to you whether or not you wish to respond.

Maybe we think that our sins are just too great, our past too heavy, or our wills too weak.
“How could I ever be as docile and sweet as St. Therese?”
“How could I ever give up the glories of this world?”
“I’m too attached to my sins.”
Whatever it may be, what are the excuses that hold you back? And in turn, I ask, “Is there anything too hard for God?” Gen. 18:14

A wise man once told me, “your sanctity is ultimately God’s project. That is very freeing. God only asks you to follow.”

Here are three women who lived crazy, scandalous lives. Yet, through the grace of God, they gave up the world and became awe-inspiring saints

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Lessons from My Nana

She believed in a dying world.  Yet, as long as she lived, she continued to water her patch of the garden and not despair. Yes, she was an elegant lady all the way.

Ways to be Mysterious in the Age of Information

Imagine someone who has a secret. You know they have a secret, and you know they won’t tell you, but you know that it must be a really great secret because they seem so happy about it all the time. Think about how much confidence and strength the secret gives to that person, especially when someone else wants to know it. 

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Hatred Redeemed

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