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“Religion Doesn’t Want Me”

He claimed he’d always been drawn to religion, but “religion never wanted him.” And so, fine, here he is doing his own “unholy” thing.

This attitude is by no means new, or even very sympathetic and we should be very reticent to make him into a hero for this jargon.

What Motivates You? A Look at Root Sin

To be more ourselves, we must lean into Christ and strive for holiness. We were made by God and for God, and only living a life congruent with that provides freedom. It’s like walking into a clean room; you’re free to move about, rest, and attend to the day’s needs. You’re not confined by mess.

From Summer to Fall: Best Transitional Items for Your Wardrobe

‘ It's almost September, which means the last vestiges of summer of here. It's not quite time to go full on Pumpkin Spice Latte, but rather, we find ourselves in the in-between season.   Whether you are aching for the fiery hues of Autumn, or refusing to let go of...