Relationships Articles

Waiting to Be Pursued

Maybe you’ve heard it said that men want respect and women want love. Of course, we all want both—we simply want to be shown love and respect in different ways.

“Date Yourself”

I’ll call it the “Date Yourself” mentality, and it is flawed because it arises when a woman defines her strength only by contrast to a relationship. It also embodies a self-centered idea of romance that permeates society today.

Take Your Heart Seriously: Lessons from Jane Austen

Is Jane Austen really out of touch for taking her heroines’ disappointed hopes so seriously? Or was my reaction more indicative of how little credit I wanted to give to my own heart?

Fiat: Better Than Whatever

“Those who choose another god multiply their sorrows.” By clinging to our own wills in opposition to God’s, we drive the dagger deeper, introducing the poison of selfishness into our emotional wound where it can fester and do greater damage. In contrast, ​fiat​ allows God’s grace to fill the wound, healing, strengthening, and restoring peace in the midst of suffering.