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Uninviting Your Inner Mr. Grinch

The holidays promise magic, warmth, and glad tidings, but only too often you hear people dreading the upcoming festivities because of family drama —be it political, personal, or what have you. It’s only too easy to let anticipated discord soil the wonder and hope of this time of year.

Embracing our Real Human Sexuality: A Redemptive Perspective on Gender and God

Those who struggle with anxiety, depression, and gender dysphoria will never find wholeness or happiness in puberty blockers or cross-sex hormone treatments and surgeries.

The Forgotten Weight of Words

We’ve all received our soap boxes through online platforms to use however we please. Once upon a time, you had to be the crème-de-la-crème to get notoriety, but now, if you can lip-sync a scene from your favorite movie, you may go viral. Seconds after hearing some news story, people rush to their platforms to explain what is going on or how to respond appropriately. These actions don’t require natural talent or thought, just access to the internet.

Finding Your Soulmate Based off Your Wine Selection

What does your choice of wine indicate about your ideal man?