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The Freedom of Limitations

We seem to view limitations as something oppressive and rigid, maybe even antediluvian. But we are finite creatures, and thus cannot escape that our lives are governed by limits.

God is God, and I am not.

Gifting with Intention

Whether you start shopping months in advance, or wait until Christmas Eve, gift giving can always pose a challenge. What to get? Where to go?

Just getting stuff for the sake of having a gift can be stressful, even wasteful. Sadly, materialism has very much entered the holiday scene. Yet, it’s important to remember that gifting can be a beautiful sign of love and care. It marks the time that we’ve taken to find something meaningful and will help us communicate how much we delight in our loved ones.

So this year, prioritize thoughtfulness in your gift giving.

Uninviting Your Inner Mr. Grinch

The holidays promise magic, warmth, and glad tidings, but only too often you hear people dreading the upcoming festivities because of family drama —be it political, personal, or what have you. It’s only too easy to let anticipated discord soil the wonder and hope of this time of year.

Embracing our Real Human Sexuality: A Redemptive Perspective on Gender and God

Those who struggle with anxiety, depression, and gender dysphoria will never find wholeness or happiness in puberty blockers or cross-sex hormone treatments and surgeries.