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In Transition

I am reminded of how a relationship with another person forces you to face yourself – dating and marriage, particularly. What is revealed isn’t always pretty. And here, once again, a person is shaking me out of my complacency, shattering my illusions about who I am and how this is all supposed to work. My baby is here, inside me, growing and changing and inviting me to change and grow.

“I Can’t Believe You Said That!” A Quick Guide to Overcoming the Relationship Language Barrier

At some point while pursuing a meaningful relationship, one can’t help but stumble upon an old and forgotten truth: men and women do not speak the language.
While we might use the same words, their meaning is different. The sooner we stumble upon this odd but desperately crucial truth, the better.

7 Ways to Prepare for Your Husband (That Go Beyond Just Praying for One!)

I get it!
As you inch further along in age, more and more of your friends get happily married. It’s easy to get impatient, desperate, or cynical.
It’s easy to let the desire for a spouse and children dominate your prayers.
But what else can you DO?
Here’s seven ways to get ready for a husband that don’t just involve begging God for one (no shame).

What if I am Not a Good Spouse?

Something is disorienting about marriage. You take two wildly different human beings, with excruciatingly different upbringings, who possess so many unique nuances and join them together. Cue bliss and romance and awe, until suddenly you realize you are yoked with another imperfect being, with his own crosses, that are now your crosses too. Wait. What did I sign up for again?