Fertility Articles

The Gift of Motherhood: Rejecting The Mindset of Entitlement

Popular questions regarding children include, “how many children do you want?” Or “Do you plan on waiting to have kids?” Or “Do you want kids?

This manner of thinking subconsciously programs us into the faulty belief that we are entitled to children. We are entitled to the parenthood journey we desire. We get to pick and choose what we want and when we want, as if we were grocery shopping.

The Feminine Strength of Birth

Women need to know and truly believe that God didn’t forget, mess up, or create a faulty system for childbirth within our bodies. When we are trusting what our body is doing in creating, birthing, and nurturing our child, we are therefore trusting in God because it is He who created us.

Don’t Forget Your Cycle: The Forgotten Key to a Woman’s Health

If you decided to make health a priority this year, make sure you get familiar with your cycle.

“I’m Not a Baby-Making-Machine” — A Response to Oct. 2nd

When we cheapen sex, we cheapen also cheapen women. When you take the procreative end out of the sexual union, suddenly, a huge, massive, mind-blowing possibility (NEW life) is erased. There is no more awe and mystery. Nothing astounding is supposed to happen as a fruit of the act. No, instead it’s about taking.