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Jacqueline Brown’s The Light: A Book Review

Who do you become when the world falls apart?

Cozy Up with These Edifying Reads

There is something intrinsically magical about the autumnal air. It is a perfect blend of the ethereal and melancholy as summer's easy-going brightness shifts into the deep, thoughtful hues of Autumn -- Nature's Passion.  It is a season of change, leaving behind old...

The Lady Galadriel: Tolkien’s Response to Modern Feminism

Tolkien’s most challenging figure to the feminist narrative is that of Galadriel, the most powerful leader in Middle Earth whose greatest contribution to the defeat of the Devil was not in facing off with him herself, but in sacrificing her pride and embracing her femininity.

Bring Back Our “Dull” Heroines

The primary crime committed in nearly all Jane Austen adaptations is the belief that she writes romances.