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4 Tips for Growing in Patience

Patience is the virtue which makes us accept for love of God, generously and peacefully, everything that is displeasing to our nature, without allowing ourselves to be depressed by the sadness which easily comes over us when we meet with disagreeable things.
– Father Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen

Cultivating Discretion in an Age of Distraction

One word that seems to imbue our culture is vulnerability. We’ve become increasingly more and more comfortable opening up and sharing the intimate details of our daily life. Videos of individuals crying over daily challenges to frank discussions about the wounds inflicted on us by others crop up all over the internet.

But is this genuine vulnerability? Or is this oversharing, breaking down healthy boundaries, and indiscretion?

Creating “Easy Buttons” for Your Spiritual, Physical, and Mental Health

When we have habits, routines, plans, systems in place we free our minds from having to remember to do something — these are my “easy buttons.”

Love Will Carry Us Through: Finding Healing in Marriage

When we are young and we fall in love we believe that everything will work out. That our love will carry us through. At least that’s what I believed. My parents tried to tell me that ‘marriage was hard.’ Ha! They just didn’t understand my relationship. My husband and...