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Uninviting Your Inner Mr. Grinch

The holidays promise magic, warmth, and glad tidings, but only too often you hear people dreading the upcoming festivities because of family drama —be it political, personal, or what have you. It’s only too easy to let anticipated discord soil the wonder and hope of this time of year.

Cozy Up with These Edifying Reads

There is something intrinsically magical about the autumnal air. It is a perfect blend of the ethereal and melancholy as summer's easy-going brightness shifts into the deep, thoughtful hues of Autumn -- Nature's Passion.  It is a season of change, leaving behind old...

Life is a Formal Affair

Because yes, putting extra effort into the everyday requires sacrifice. It requires responsibility. It demands discipline. It means we must possess an awareness to the needs of others. It means we have to have the integrity to say, “the world doesn’t revolve around me.”

Meek is NOT Weak

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