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Meek is NOT Weak

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Overcoming Weakness with Edith Stein: the Emotional Power of Objective Work

Women are more inclined to seek wholeness: the wholeness— the dignity—of the human person, and that is powerful, especially in a culture motivated by the temporal, changing things of the world. All the same, Edith notes that a woman’s natural desire for the relational can also work against her. Instead of being tender and maternal, a woman may become overly preoccupied with control and morph into the impossible matriarch, the nag, a busybody consumed with gossip, or simply the far too emotional gal (placing too much faith in people and not in God). These tendencies prey on a woman’s nature, weaponizing her strengths by turning them into vices.

Not Just a Stay-at-Home-Mom

The term stay-at-home-mom is inadequate, which is ironic because we live in a culture that insists on not selling yourself short. It seems that applies to everyone save for moms.

Practice Your Best

Practicing our best at home helps cultivate a life of meaning, purpose, and thoughtfulness. It reminds us of our human dignity and it makes it all the more easy to extend to others because it becomes a way of life.