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Lessons from My Nana

She believed in a dying world.  Yet, as long as she lived, she continued to water her patch of the garden and not despair. Yes, she was an elegant lady all the way.

Take Your Heart Seriously: Lessons from Jane Austen

Is Jane Austen really out of touch for taking her heroines’ disappointed hopes so seriously? Or was my reaction more indicative of how little credit I wanted to give to my own heart?

The Call of the Woman

Who is truly empowered?

Folding Laundry: A Front-line Operation

When I was about 18, I worked part-time as a mother’s helper. One day, I remember standing over a bed covered with clean-ish (musty) laundry and thinking, “why bother folding it?” It seemed like such a waste of time; there were more heaps waiting in the hall, and if I...

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