Femininity Articles

4 Tips for Practicing Poise

When we think of poise, we might think of some elusive woman who just has it all together no matter what.  But in truth, we all have our seasons of abundance and seasons of want.  Poise isn’t some elusive “it” factor, but the interior disposition that enables us to live a whole life, full of grace and beauty. 

The Whole Hearted Woman: Healing for Mind and Body

Women tend to do things with their whole heart. We tend not to merely dip our toes in the water. It’s common to be ‘all or nothing’. We either do a thing and pursue it with a strength of conviction that will carry us through dark stormy days. Or we don’t. Unfortunately for our health we tend not to spend a lot of time on how we can support our bodies; these temples of the Holy Spirit that the Lord has entrusted to our care. As a result we are depriving the Church of our ability to live out our mission, something the Church desperately needs.

What God Wants

I lie awake, listening to my husband slowly drifting off, gently snoring, rosary beads wrapped loosely around my fingers. Soon the snoring won’t be so gentle. A soft tap on the shoulder and he will turn over, opening up his airway to rhythmic breathing again. This is...

Seeker of Beauty

Snow White does eat the poisonous apple; a scene that in many ways reminds us of Eve’s insidious encounter with the serpent. Likewise, Snow White experiences a sort of death and need for a redeemer.