Femininity Articles

Seeker of Beauty

Snow White does eat the poisonous apple; a scene that in many ways reminds us of Eve’s insidious encounter with the serpent. Likewise, Snow White experiences a sort of death and need for a redeemer.

Reclaiming “Self Expression” in the Way We Dress

We communicate in various ways. Just think — when we speak, we utilize facial expressions, consider tonality, and so forth— all of these tools are a gift given to us by God to communicate, foster relationships, and give glory to God. We speak with our entire bodies — and even through the items that adorn our bodies.

On Femininity & Personality

“Femininity doesn’t look a particular way” is possibly one of the most perplexing and confusing statements that have crept into the Christian sphere. Intended to uphold femininity, it more often than not sabotages the very thing it means to safeguard.

Mansfield Park and the Theological Mind of Jane Austen

Virtue cannot be genuinely gained if it's only around when convenient. Or as Alasdair MacIntyre states: "Without constancy, all other virtues to some degree lose their point" (After Virtue, 242). I am revisiting the pages of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park. For if there...