Femininity Articles

Rethinking “Self-Care”

What we too often forget is:
Women are important.
Mothers are important.
Homemakers are important.

If we truly believe this, then we must believe that the rituals that sustain them are also important.

Falling from Beauty

Intense bodily focus is heinous. It creates a separated notion of the human person — forgetting the soul, and finding all worth and importance in the carnal. The reality that our body will one day return to dust poses a problem, since eternal youthfulness wears the crown. The focus of maintaining a healthy body veers into creating a sexual body. A body worth ogling over — one that will defy death

From Summer to Fall: Best Transitional Items for Your Wardrobe

‘ It's almost September, which means the last vestiges of summer of here. It's not quite time to go full on Pumpkin Spice Latte, but rather, we find ourselves in the in-between season.   Whether you are aching for the fiery hues of Autumn, or refusing to let go of...

The Lady Galadriel: Tolkien’s Response to Modern Feminism

Tolkien’s most challenging figure to the feminist narrative is that of Galadriel, the most powerful leader in Middle Earth whose greatest contribution to the defeat of the Devil was not in facing off with him herself, but in sacrificing her pride and embracing her femininity.