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Deepening Love: Reflecting on the Words of Elisabeth Leseur

“Let us love. Let our lives be a perpetual song of love for God, first of all, and for all human beings who suffer, love, and mourn. Let deep joy live in us. Let us be like the lark, enemy of the night, who always announces the dawn and awakens in each creature the love of light and life. Let us awaken others to the spiritual life.”

12 Unique Lenten Ideas

Not sure what to do for Lent? Here are 12 ideas!

“Religion Doesn’t Want Me”

He claimed he’d always been drawn to religion, but “religion never wanted him.” And so, fine, here he is doing his own “unholy” thing.

This attitude is by no means new, or even very sympathetic and we should be very reticent to make him into a hero for this jargon.

Three Ways to Improve Your Prayer Life

‘Without prayer we have neither light nor strength to advance in the way which leads to God.’ — St. Alphonsus Ligouri  Prayer is everything; in order to be the women we are called to be and attain salvation, we must pray.   Life might be full of chaos, hardship, and...