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Just Be

One of the most countercultural things we can do, as women, is learn to receive love despite feeling unworthy, and in turn learn to give love even when others deem it undeserved.

Responding to a Church in Crisis

All our earthly accomplishments and pursuits culminate in dust, but the things of God are eternal. It is not about the horizontal— the confusion, the frustration, our own likes and dislikes, it’s about God. It is always about the vertical. And no matter what happens, we can always come back to that Truth.

“To glorify God is the primary purpose of the Holy Mass.”
— Dietrich von Hildebrand

A lot of people have been arguing over the mass lately. And many of those arguments consist of “I prefer” and “these people are…”.

There are broken people in all communities. There are people who reject Church doctrine, people who pick and choose what they think works best for them, and people whose hearts have been devoured by zeal. There are those who live their Faith according to particular influencers and reject all other teachers due to personal preference. But all of this is a lack of discernment, a lack of faith, a lack of formation, and an inordinate focus on the horizontal as opposed to the vertical: God.

When we lose sight of God, despair and uneasiness take root in our hearts. God is bigger than all our problems combined.

And our job is to simply give Him glory.

What if I am Not a Good Spouse?

Something is disorienting about marriage. You take two wildly different human beings, with excruciatingly different upbringings, who possess so many unique nuances and join them together. Cue bliss and romance and awe, until suddenly you realize you are yoked with another imperfect being, with his own crosses, that are now your crosses too. Wait. What did I sign up for again?

Scarlet Letter Saints: Three Women Who Prove That Nothing is Impossible for God

Sainthood is not for just a few exceptional souls; it is for everyone. God created all of us for Heaven; that means He created YOU to be a SAINT.
However, it’s up to you whether or not you wish to respond.

Maybe we think that our sins are just too great, our past too heavy, or our wills too weak.
“How could I ever be as docile and sweet as St. Therese?”
“How could I ever give up the glories of this world?”
“I’m too attached to my sins.”
Whatever it may be, what are the excuses that hold you back? And in turn, I ask, “Is there anything too hard for God?” Gen. 18:14

A wise man once told me, “your sanctity is ultimately God’s project. That is very freeing. God only asks you to follow.”

Here are three women who lived crazy, scandalous lives. Yet, through the grace of God, they gave up the world and became awe-inspiring saints