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What Motivates You? A Look at Root Sin

To be more ourselves, we must lean into Christ and strive for holiness. We were made by God and for God, and only living a life congruent with that provides freedom. It’s like walking into a clean room; you’re free to move about, rest, and attend to the day’s needs. You’re not confined by mess.

June Belongs to a Humble Heart

t’s crucial that we are vigilant and don’t fall for the manipulative jargon of faux compassion that oozes out of every nook and cranny.

Mothers Don’t Always Take Away the Pain

Mary doesn’t try to take Our Lord’s cross away.

20 Unique Lenten Ideas

Lent is just around the corner! Don’t wait and come up with a last minute game plan.

20 Unique Lenten Ideas

20 Unique Lenten Ideas

Can you believe Lent is just around the corner? It's only two weeks away! Instead of coming up...