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Just Be

One of the most countercultural things we can do, as women, is learn to receive love despite feeling unworthy, and in turn learn to give love even when others deem it undeserved.

7 Ways to Prepare for Your Husband (That Go Beyond Just Praying for One!)

I get it!
As you inch further along in age, more and more of your friends get happily married. It’s easy to get impatient, desperate, or cynical.
It’s easy to let the desire for a spouse and children dominate your prayers.
But what else can you DO?
Here’s seven ways to get ready for a husband that don’t just involve begging God for one (no shame).

7 Ways to Be More Pro-Life (That Go Beyond Activism)

We should strive to be publicly, confidently, and distinctly pro-life. But of course being pro-life doesn’t stop there; our votes and signs and posts are meaningless if they’re not supported by our everyday actions.

Waiting to Be Pursued

Maybe you’ve heard it said that men want respect and women want love. Of course, we all want both—we simply want to be shown love and respect in different ways.