6 Easy Ways to Reconnect with Your Femininity

Written by Ann Burns

January 9, 2022

When the Villains are Beautiful

Do you ever feel that your femininity gets put on the back burner?   

 There is simply way too much going on for you to truly prioritize what it means to lean into your feminine genius and embrace your womanly side?  To be honest, if we are not proactively working on bettering ourselves, it’s easy to lose a bit our sense of the feminine.  So, how in the world can you reconnect with your femininity (even if life is hectic)?

Easy! Start with the little things.  Find things that remind you of of the gift of your womanhood. It doesn’t need to be complicated. 

After all, femininity is all about embracing our maternal calling, regardless as to whether or not we are physical mothers.  In doing so, we enter into a life-sustaining, crucial role that is full of beauty and mystery

Here are 6 EASY steps to help you tap into your femininity and remind you of your incredible value:

Get Dressed Up

Seriously. If you are living in leggings and hoodies or even your favorite pair of ratty jeans, opt for something else. Pull out a skirt, a sweet blouse, or an easy dress. Just taking the time to elevate your “OOTD” is a simple way to remind yourself of your value. God gave you dignity. Do you dress like it? You are irreplaceable, so don’t be afraid to communicate that through your dress.

Do Something Creative

I 100% believe that due to our potency for new life, we have a crazy gift for the creative. I am not saying we all are going to be painters or musicians, but women can turn a house into a home. We can transform the everyday into something beautiful. We can bring in so much warmth and goodness and light through just a few simple acts — like filling a vase full of flowers.

And guess what? Today is the perfect day to tap into that! Do something creative and bring beauty into the world around you.

Use Your Favorite, Best-Smelling Lotion

Before you roll your eyes, hear me out!

Sometimes we get so caught up in the idea of the “maternal-life-giver” that we start to neglect ourselves.  Other times, we get really caught up in our job, the hubbub of life, that we forget to pause.  Either way, serious draining and burn out enters the scene. You cannot give from an empty place. Sit down and pull out your favorite lotion — or something of the like— and pamper yourself for just a moment. It’s not selfish to recharge— it’s necessary. Honor the life God gave you and relish the simple moments of lotion lathering, applying make-up, or splashing on perfume.

Set the Table and Make it Gorgeous!

Dinner time should be a special event— it’s when the family comes together. Try setting the table — use your best plates, table cloth, candles, and what have you! Rejoice in the beauty that has been given to you and your family by celebrating the life you have. If you are married, honor your spouse (and children) by letting him see how special he are to you by providing a beautiful atmosphere.

Sometimes the mere fact that “it’s today!” Is the PERFECT reason to celebrate.

Stand Up Tall

Take time to focus on your posture. Who you are in your femininity is SO GOOD and NECESSARY, so stand up tall as a confident daughter of the King. This will not only boost your self-respect, it will also add a little extra elegance into your every day.

(And cultivating just a touch of poise can go a long way in enhancing our way of life.) 

Donate Something You Love but Don’t Need

Lastly, go through your closet and find some cute pieces you like, but don’t actually need. Donate them to a shelter, so that one of your sisters-in-Christ can have something a little extra special in her life.

Modern female empowerment talks a lot about women supporting other women.  And I agree, we are sisters not competitors. Donating an item or two that we love, but don’t really need, is a great place to start. 


Try one (or all!) of these tips, and let me know how it goes! Honestly, reconnecting with our feminine genius doesn’t have to be rocket-science.

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