5 Tips for Growing Your Social Media Presence

Written by Laura Rosenberg

May 11, 2022

When the Villains are Beautiful

Once upon a time to get clients we would cold call, put up flyers at our local grocery store, bank, church, and maybe even take out an ad in the local paper. 

While those things can still turn up a few leads, in our tech-savvy world, many of your clients are on social media. The question is: will they find you there? 

If so, what sort of presentation will they find? 

People no longer want to just buy a corporation’s product. What they want is human connection, and I’d go so far as to say that that has become even more true in the last two years since the pandemic began. Potential clients want to know who the face of a brand is, what they stand for, and of course what they’re offering. To reach these potential clients I’d love to share a few tips about using social media to build your personal brand’s awareness.

Be Authentic! 

I know for many of us that can be terrifying, especially in our current culture. To say that you are Catholic, or lean one way or the other politically, can seem like a great way to tank your business and be open to attack.


 While I can’t guarantee that everyone will like you, I can guarantee that your ideal clients will. I had to learn this the hard way myself. Once I did, it was a total game changer and MY people are finding me!

Get Really Clear

(on your target market, your branding and the message you want to convey) 

Are you a bubbly, real estate agent? Are you a sassy sort of mompreneur? Maybe you are a straight to the point financial advisor. 

Who is your target audience? Are they millennial moms, middle-aged corporate employees, or private business owners? You will want to design (or have someone design) branding that fits your personal message. Then you can get your online storefront up and running.

P.S. You do not need a website to start with, but it can help. What you do need is a personal social media presence and a business social media presence.

Create a Business Profile on Your Social Media Channels of Choice.

Let’s use Facebook and Instagram as examples. Most people have Facebook and Instagram accounts and when they are looking for a service or product they will search through those media channels to find it. When they come to your page, you want them to be able to see who you are, what you’re about, and what you sell at a glance. You want them to be able to find your personal page as well and let them into who you are as an individual too. (Remember, you can always adjust your privacy settings per post on Facebook!) 

You want it to look clean.

This is where an audit comes into play. Don’t worry, this isn’t an IRS audit! This is an audit of your business social profile (and much more fun to conduct)! 

You will want to see that you’re optimized. 

Make sure that your “about” section is complete with all your contact information. Do you have a username or custom URL? Are your profile and cover images clear and sized correctly? Do you have a call to action button like “Message Me” or “Click for more information”?

Be Consistent in Your Posting and the Messages in Those Posts.

Business posts should reflect your personal branding and your message. Your posts should become easily recognizable as belonging to your brand just by their appearance. 

Use your brand colors, fonts, and logo (if you have one), or your brand’s signature to accomplish this.

Being consistent also means posting regularly and, if I’m being honest, daily should be your regular habit. The more you post, the more the algorithms tend to make you show up in feeds where your potential clients are more likely to see you.

Learn the Art of Hashtags! 

Hashtags are like a bulletin board. It puts your post into the categories you used and when someone types those “keywords” into a search, your post will be in there. They help drive traffic to you. You may not show at the top of a list using a broad category like #home because that hashtag may have 671 billion posts associated with it, but use one more like #homesforsaleinNYC and the pool gets a bit smaller giving you more of a chance of being seen.

There is so much to utilizing social media to create awareness — books are constantly being written on the subject! But these 5 tips will provide you with a great starting point.  Are you ready to begin?

Meet the Author! 

I’m Laura Rosenberg. I’m a devout Catholic and single mom. 

I’m also the sole proprietor of REVA Diva, a social media and CRM management business. I began REVA Diva with three goals in mind: 

To support my daughter, while also being available to her everyday with a schedule I can control. 

To support other women and mom owned businesses, especially single mompreneurs, so that they can scale their businesses while also gaining more time freedom to be with their families 

And the long term goal to grow REVA Diva into an agency model where I can employ other moms, especially single moms, with a business model that affords them the same time freedom for their children while also earning a life sustaining income.

I offer social media management, CRM campaign revamping, content creation, copywriting, and microblogging. I help build a business’ brand recognition and awareness through creative digital media creations, engaging and well-timed posts, and consistent messaging. I also create branded content that can be used in a wide variety of print products such as pens, writing pads, mugs, t-shirts, or whatever you may desire! As a mission-minded Catholic, my ultimate goal is to take the “Crisis” out of Crisis Pregnancy. 

If you feel your values align with mine, and can benefit from my services, reach out to me by email, or DM on Facebook/ Instagram @LauratheREVADiva. 

May Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph bless and keep you today, and always!


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