The Flower Lady

Written by Ann Burns

March 6, 2024

When the Villains are Beautiful

My mom is the flower lady at Church.  

She makes sure that the altar is beautifully adorned.  Every Sunday, her quiet work gives glory to God.  

Flowers on the altar faintly echo Christ’s passion, as flowers, pure and innocent, are cut down in their prime, clipped from life, in order to glorify God. 

When I visit my parents’ house, I see reminders of the glorious bouquets from past Sundays, as flowers fill vases in various rooms of the house. 

Their home is always full of color.  Oftentimes, colors reflecting the liturgical season or a particular feast. 

My husband also makes sure that we are never without flowers as well. So many evenings as he comes home, exhausted from a busy day, and still has somehow made the time to pick up a magnificent nosegay.  

The older I get, the more it seems that a home is remarkably barren without flowers. 

So much quiet work and care goes into an arrangement.  Yet, when we notice and delight in a perfect arrangement, it’s easy to forget the love and thoughtfulness behind it. 

Arrangements don’t last long. But there is something precious in their being.

I think on some level that’s precisely why they’re not just good, they’re important.  

When we bring flowers into our churches— and into our domestic churches—we are bringing something in for the sole purpose of its ability to delight and sing glory back to God.  

They remind us to take time for the things that often get cast aside in a world drunk on success and ease. 

After all, the reason we are on this earth is to give glory to God, to know, love, and serve Him.  And while sometimes, it might seem as if we are going to be here forever, in truth, it’s quite a short time. 

The quiet tasks, the simple joys, and slowing down all point to something that transcends the material realm. The life of a floral arrangement isn’t long, yet their fleeting glory beckons us to remember that this life is not our permanent home. 

But while we are here on earth, it is good to be stewards of beauty; our lives are more than progress and hubbub.  

Our lives were created for the eternal.  

And so we fill up our homes with flowers.  

We adorn the altars with flowers. 

We meditate on their own passion.

We delight in the powerful message of their loveliness. 

And we are grateful for the hidden roles of flower ladies.

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