20 Unique Lenten Ideas

Written by Ann Burns

February 16, 2022

When the Villains are Beautiful

Can you believe Lent is just around the corner? It’s only two weeks away! Instead of coming up with a last minute game plan, carve out some time and reflect on what you can do to ensure that this Lenten season is truly a time of growth, holiness, and penitence. 

Here are 20 unique ideas to help you figure out what you can do for Lent! 

1. Are you a booze fan? Instead of giving up alcohol, limit yourself to only one drink or only have a drink over the weekend. Make the virtue of temperance your goal. 

2. Do you tend to be pretty expressive when things go awry?  Gain control by giving up all foul language! This is an amazing way to grow in self-discipline and become more intentional in our thoughts and words.

3. Give your phone a curfew! No more scrolling/texting/etc after 7pm. 

4. Ditch all the creams and yummy add ones when it comes to your morning cup of coffee. Let it’s bitter taste remind you that somethings in life are meant to be suffered through. It might sound silly, but honestly bitter coffee can pave the way for some great morning reflections! 

5. Clean out your closet and your home and donate the things you do not need. 

6. Stop complaining! Whenever you want to complain, pause and thank God. 

7. Start a prayer journal.  Set aside 15 minutes to journal letters to your Heavenly Father. 

8. Replace TV shows, chick lit, and so forth with ONLY edifying books. 

9. Keep your car rides SILENT.  No more music or radio. 

 10. No fun shopping during Lent.  

11. Wake up earlier/go to bed earlier. 

12. Give up the snooze button! 

13. Reply positively to those around you.  If you are the kind of person who takes out your emotions on other people, this is an awesome practice.  

14. Be kind and pray for those people who get under your skin. 

15. Don’t skip your daily rosary! 

16. Ditch the pants and leggings, this Lent only wear skirts or dresses.

17. Make mass a daily occurrence. 

18. Go to confession every week.

19. Eliminate processed sugar from your diet. 

20. Make a Holy Hour in Adoration every week.

I hope you have a blessed Lent!

Just a Reminder:

This year, we are hosting our SECOND Lenten Retreat series that will focus exclusively on navigating our own personal struggles juxtaposed living a life of Faith.  We will look towards the lives of the saints and examine their struggles and how they overcame them and carried their crosses.  

It’s easy to think of the saints as far off remote perfect people, but they were human too.  They had their struggles, and honestly, I think when we hone in on the fact that they were people too, and they fell over and stumbled too, they just always got back up and tried again to remind us that holiness is our calling too. 

Go join our membership! We will meet every MONDAY NIGHT during Lent at 7PM EST to reflect and grow together. 

We will use Colleen Carrol Campbell’s book, My Sisters the Saints, to guide us.  Having the book is optional! 

See you there! 

– Ann

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