Members’ Retreat: End of Lent

Written by Ann Burns

April 3, 2023

When the Villains are Beautiful

As I was trying to find the words to properly articulate the take away of this retreat, I stumbled upon this reflection:

“We are not called upon to do all the good possible, but only that which we can do. Occupy yourself less about yourself and more about God. It is not enough to acknowledge our faults; we must correct them. Profit by the experiences of the past for the future. You will be happy in making others happy.

In the accomplishment of good we must show forth in our every act a perfect justice.

Do not require of everybody the same virtues and qualities. Bear with the defects of others. Endeavor not to cause others to suffer and you yourself try to endure the little annoyances which are unavoidable in the necessary relations with others.

Charity does not consist in loving one or two persons and being indifferent to all the rest.

If we love our Lord with our whole heart, if we serve him faithfully, we shall be happy even in this life.

To love in the right way is to accomplish the whole Law; it is to begin that happy life which will have its perfection only in heaven, where we shall live forever with a holy and perfect love.”

by Mother Theodore Guerin (1798-1856)

I think it sums up our retreat so perfectly and provides us with the perfect sentiment going forward. 

It’s so hard to believe that we are at the end of our Lenten Journey. 

Wishing you all a blessed Holy Week.

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