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We bring together Catholic women to cultivate our minds and build community in order to restore authentic femininity, the home and heart of society. 

Ann Burns Founder of the Feminine Project
Why the Feminine Project?

Our world is hurting.

A quick look at Instagram or, worse yet, the news, shows us that people are confused and angry.

We are meant for so much more!

As women, we have a unique ability to help heal the hurts of our society. 

My name is Ann Burns and I started the Feminine Project to bring women together to learn, grow, and build a community based on our God-given gifts. 

I hope you join me on this journey of healing! Please reach out with your thoughts and I’ll get right back to you.

“The world doesn’t need what women have; it needs what women ARE.”

Edith Stein

3 Red Flags You Might Secretly Love

3 Red Flags You Might Secretly Love

Often when we talk about the notorious “red flags” of dating, we focus on the negative traits of a potential partner. He doesn’t tell you you’re beautiful? Red flag! He follows some scandalous/promiscuous social media accounts? Red flag! Likes to seek attention through DMs/Snap/texting from other women? Red flag!

Amen to these red flags. They are definitely signaling problems that we should not ignore. But what about the red flags that we don’t address as much? The ones that… well… maybe we cling to ourselves?

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Abandoning the Comfortable Christ

Abandoning the Comfortable Christ

Have you ever heard people say things like, “If Jesus were alive today, he would be hanging out with the LGBTQ+ community”?
It seems to be a pretty popular viewpoint. Some use it to augment a point.
A sort of “Well, Jesus would do this, so you’re wrong” position.
This kind of rebuttal hides the fact that sodomy is one of the four sins crying out to Heaven for vengeance. But perhaps, it is meant to make us more accepting or tolerant, especially regarding things taught as incompatible with the Catholic Church.
However, this argument is not just weak, it is invalid and reveals ignorance of Christ Our King.

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I absolutely love The Feminine Project! Helps me see how beautiful and important femininity is.

Claire Hess


The Feminine Project is the gateway to a community where true feminity is encouraged, not disparaged. In today’s world the truly feminine characteristics that have allowed women to effectively mold societies for centuries are thrown out as archaic, pathetic, or the result of the oppressive patriarchy. The Feminine Project embodies the antidote – embracing our true feminine gifts, encouraging us to be who God made us to be so we can set the world ablaze.

Bridget Johnson


The Feminine Project is so needed for all women, especially now. When the beauty and the role of the feminine nature are being attacked and redefined, this group serves as a beacon to the true nature of women. A project started as a small idea to help empower women to their true and beautiful selves, it has grown to serve so many women and uplift them. The resources provided here are a gift for women of all walks to be encouraged and to find true friendship amongst each other.

Cat McMahon


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